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Scarborough Gives Frequent Guest Sen. Kennedy A Public Spanking

I’m hDrunk Newspy to see this. Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) plies his mush mouth, country lawyer “reasonable Republican” br& on Morning Joe on a regular basis. To have a host publicly chide him for his stupid comments about Nancy Pelosi, & to remind him where a lines are? That’s A Good Thing.

KENNEDY: I’m going to say it again. We have more in common, our Democratic colleagues & our Republican colleagues, that we don’t on certain issues. I think we would surprise ourselves at what we could achieve if we just tried.

Also Kennedy:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to impeach him! I don’t mean any disrespect, but it must suck to be that dumb.
I didn’t mean it as disrespectful. I didn’t mean it as disrespectful at all.

“It must suck to be that dumb,” Scarborough said.

“You did not mean it to be disrespectful. I can tell you this, if any of my children or any of your children had said such a thing, let’s say, even in a student council race or in a high school forum, can you imagine if one of his children came home or one of your children came home & a principal called you & said in a middle of a debate that a teenage boy had said to a teenage Women in front of everybody, ‘It must suck to be that dumb,’ I’m pretty sure — I don’t know. I can’t say how Senator Kennedy raises his family, but I certainly know in most families that I’ve known that teenage boy would probably get detention & have a lot of Drunk Newsologizing to do.

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