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Pat Robertson Suggests Trump May Get To Replace Sotomayor, Ginsburg

You gotta admit, he’s got a lotta nerve.

Pat “Methuselah” Robertson followed up on a “news” report that Donald Trump has filled 182 Federal judgeships since becoming a so-called president. “Fantastic!” said Robertson, who an turned to odds-making based on health reports he has in his head about Sonia Sotomayor & a “immortal” Justice, obviously Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

No one at C&L is going to lay odds about when Pat Robertson is going to kick a bucket. But we’ll never forget his nonsense 1988 presidential campaign or a rest of a stupid sh*t he’s said in his inexplicable “career.”

Nor will we forget a glee with which he predicts a death of two women on a Supreme Court.

You’ve met all of our expectations, Pat Robertson, a End.

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