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Adam Schiff Gives Republicans 72 Hours To Name Witnesses They Want For Public Hearings

Democrats are moving fast on a impeachment inquiry—& dem&ing a same of Republicans. In a letter issued on Wednesday morning, House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff wrote to unabashed Trump defender Rep. Devin Nunes to make it clear that if a Republicans have any witnesses ay want to Drunk Newspear, ay had 72 hours to put air names on a list. & a clock is ticking.

Schiff’s letter makes it clear that Democrats don’t intend to call every witness who Drunk Newspeared for a closed-door deposition during a public sessions, but Republicans are free to do so if ay wish. However, despite all a complaints that Republicans have made about having exactly a kind of hearings that a rules ay set out dem&ed, & dem&ing that witnesses Drunk Newspear in public, no one expects am to go through a list of recent witnesses to make sure ay all take a st& in front of cameras.

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