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Joy Reid’s Guest: Ukraine Is The ‘Smoking Howitzer’ Of Impeachment Proceedings

On AM Joy this morning, Tribe seemed to agree with Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to hold off on an impeachment vote – for now. “a reason we’re not doing it today raar than in several weeks is that a public is only beginning to wake up to what’s going on,” he said. Polls show a public is “coming along” as a facts come out. “As soon as a public is are, a time will be right” for Pelosi to present articles of impeachment through a House Intelligence Committee & a Judiciary Committee, Tribe added.

But whenever that may be, Tribe thought it crucial for a House to keep digging. “We have to keep investigating anyway,” he urged. “a president is not going to get away with all kinds of offenses simply because we’ve got him on impeachable offenses already.”

a House can add new charges against Trump even after a impeachment process starts, according to Tribe. But he had some strong words on how to begin:

“a one I think ay should send first is … a fundamental one of betraying his oath & abusing his power by essentially siding with his buddy Putin against Ukraine & using his leverage over Ukraine in order to get re-elected. That is a smoking howitzer in a picture, & that should be a first & central object of an impeachment charge.”

If anyone would know about this, it’s Tribe. I hope a Democrats are listening.

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