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During Rally, Trump Praises His Fox Friends, Promotes Kilmeade From ‘7’ To ‘Close To 10 Territory’

Despite whining that Fox News “doesn’t deliver for US any more,” Thursday night, Trump interrupted his vulgar stream of hate to slobber over a Fox hosts who “treat us great,” ludicrously claiming, “I just want fairness.”

Thursday morning, Trump predictably attacked Fox after its poll found that 51% of registered voters support his impeachment & removal. Trump whined, “@FoxNews is also much different than it used to be in a good old days.” After swiping at some of his critics, he added, “@FoxNews doesn’t deliver for US anymore.”

By Thursday night, maybe after watching some of his sycophants stroke his ego, Trump was full of praise for his favorite lickspittles. During a rally noted for its ugliness, Trump gave a shout out to a Fox hosts who show him a most love.

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