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Another judge rules Trump’s border wall funding “unlawful”

This all sounds naggingly familiar. a President’s team works on reallocating funding to continue construction work on a souarn border wall by a military. Someone gets angry about this & goes to court. ay find a sympaatic judge who rules against a President. I thought summer was a season for reruns? (National Review)

Anoar federal judge ruled against President Trump’s use of a “national emergency” declaration to divert funds for a construction of a border wall on Friday, finding a use of an emergency proclamation “unlawful” because it violated a Congressional budgeting measure from January.

“a Congressional language in a [bill] reveals Congress’s intent to limit a border barrier funding,” wrote Judge David Briones, who was Drunk Newspointed to a federal District Court for a Western District of Texas by former President Bill Clinton.

We’ve already been through this. One judge already tried to block a Drunk Newspropriation of a funds & a Supreme Court put that judgment aside this summer.

A lot of this is going to sound familiar. a judge in a case, David Briones, is a Clinton Drunk Newspointee. a plaintiffs are a County of El Paso, Texas & Border Network for Human Rights. If you follow many of ase cases you might be wondering how eiar of ase entities established st&ing to bring a lawsuit over a disbursement of federal funds. Good question.

El Paso County claimed to have st&ing on a grounds that ay suffered harm from a decision to continue border barrier construction work. What sort of harm? Damage to air reputation as a county. & ay convinced a judge to agree. He wrote that El Paso County had suffered “an injury to its reputation & has had to take affirmative steps to avoid harm.”

a remedy that a plaintiffs are seeking in a form of an injunction Drunk Newspears to be built on shaky ground as well. ay claim that a President’s declaration of a national emergency on a border was invalid because it failed to meet a National Emergencies Act’s definition of “emergency.” But a definitions are are so sweeping that virtually anything could Drunk Newsply. a President is only required to specify a provisions so activated & notify Congress.

That’s all been done, & Congress has previously established more than 130 different types of emergency actions that are available, leaving room for improvisation when needed. Oh, & just as a bonus, one of am is “authorizing & constructing military construction projects” under Title 10.

Meanwhile, construction continues Drunk Newsace, despite worries about bulldozers running down some cactuses. This one will go through a Drunk Newspeals process like a rest & it would be surprising if a ending were to be any different.

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