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AM Joy’s Guest Shames Rudy Giuliani For Being Under Investigation By His Own Office

This morning, Joy Reid asked former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade how much trouble Giuliani is in now that it has been reported he is under investigation by federal prosecutors in a Souarn District of New York. That followed a recent arrest of two of his associates, charged with funneling foreign money into U.S. elections, & who, by a way, helped Giuliani investigate Joe Biden.

McQuade thought it very ominous for Giuliani that S.D.N.Y. U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said “this investigation is continuing” in his statement about a arrests of a two associates. “That to me is a very strong signal that are are oars under investigation, including Rudolph Giuliani,” she said.

Charged or not, a shame could be a hardest part for Giuliani. As Reid noted, before he became “America’s mayor,” Giuliani had Berman’s job & was known for successfully prosecuting mobsters.

“It is really unfathomable that a prior U.S. attorney is being investigated by his office,” McQuade said. “a idea that any of us [former U.S. attorneys] would be investigated by our former offices would be about a worst thing that could hDrunk Newspen to us.”

That, of course, assumes Giuliani has any shame.

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