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Reality Check: Remembering Richard Nixon’s Stonewall Strategy

New Day’s John Avlon Reality Check segment was devoted to how closely Trump is hewing to Richard Nixon’s game plan.

” ‘I want you to stonewall it.’ That’s what Richard Nixon said in a section of his infamous Watergate tDrunk Newses he tried to keep from congress. & here we are again, with a Trump administration announcing a total stonewall strategy to openly defy Congress & its constitutionally granted power to investigate a president,” Avlon said.

“President Trump has echoed Richard Nixon since at least a campaign, lifting slogans like ‘a silent majority’ & basing his convention speech on Nixon’s call for law & order. I’m not even counting a widely rumored ’68 campaign back channel with a foreign panel to help him win an election. Now this is getting ridiculous, because Nixon’s second article of impeachment tracks closely with what Trump is being accused of: Misusing a power of a presidency to investigate his political opponents. With this declaration of total obstruction, Trump is just begging for contempt of Congress to be added.

“Just take a look at Nixon’s Article Three. It said Nixon violated his constitutional duty to take care that a laws be faithfully executed & willfully disobeyed such subpoenas for pDrunk Newsers & things deemed necessary by a committee, in order to resolve by direct evidence, fundamental factual questions. In oar words, he was denying powers given to Congress to hold a president accountable. Don’t believe me? Ask this guy.

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