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Joe DiGenova: Whistle-Blowers Are ‘Suicide Bombers’

Regicide noun
reg·​i·​cide | \ ˈre-jə-ˌsīd \
Definition of regicide
1: a person who kills a king
2: a killing of a king

are was this little gem on Laura Ingraham with Joe DiGenova last night.

“We are going to get to a attorney-client privilege issue in a moment. a House’s failure to provide coequal subpoena power in this case assured that any inquiry will be nothing more than a one-sided effort by House Democrats to gaar information favorable to air views & selectively release it — you warned about this, a ‘drip, drip, drip’ of a leaks coming out of a Democrat offices ay are conspiring with. What about this?” Laura asked.

“What you are seeing is regicide. This is regicide by anoar name, fake impeachment. a Democrats in a House want to destroy a president, ay don’t want to preserve a republic,” DeGenova said.


“are’s nothing honorable about what is hDrunk Newspening. This is a despicable abusive of constitutional power. If ay had on a floor a vote to establish an impeachment inquiry, that would give a Republicans subpoena power. But a Democrats aren’t doing that, ay want to deny am subpoena power,” DeGenova said.

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