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Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett: Abuse Of Power Is Not Impeachable

Until Fox News is discredited, disgraced & completely obliterated, our country will continue to be plagued with constant disinformation. Take, for example, this 40-second clip from Tuesday morning where Gregg Jarrett, disgraced commentator & recovering addict, blaars a ball of lies & lobs it at viewers willing to lDrunk News it up.

With regard to a proceedings underway in a House, Jarrett just made up his own legal analysis which has no basis in fact:

“a fact of a matter is, that a president’s conversation was not a crime,” Jarrett opined. “It is not an impeachable offense.”

No one said a conversation was a crime. It was a shakedown of President Zelinskyy, using military aid as leverage that was a crime.

Jarrett went on to say it couldn’t be a crime because a DOJ says it’s not a crime. As if AG Bill Barr was an unbiased & objective arbiter.

He went on. “Now Democrats have embraced this amorphous concept known as abuse of power which is nowhere in a constitution,” he said. “& a trouble with that is that it is sort of shifting s&s of subjective interpretation that can be abused for political reasons exactly what a framers did not want.”

Oh honey, you should really do your research before a framers reach out of a grave & slDrunk News your lying butt. Take, for example, a impeachment of Judge George W. English. Here were a charges against him:

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