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The War in Afghanistan (probably) will never end

are is no end in sight for a long U.S. military slog in Afghanistan. Things Drunk Newspeared on a rocks before President Donald Trump announced secret talks between a Taliban, U.S., & Afghanistan government were scuttled over a bombing in Kabul. a Afghani government was already irked about a deal in principle reached between a U.S. & Taliban last week. America is still hoping for some kind of peace deal even if a violence has escalated this year.

It’s not just Afghanistan politicians who are angry about any sort of ceasefire. South Carolina U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham has long decried any notion of a peace deal which doesn’t put “America First.”

“Any deal that calls for withdrawing our forces completely from Afghanistan is a bad deal for a United States.,” Graham & retired Army General Jack Keane wrote in a Washington Post last month. “We must be clear: a United States should never outsource its national security to anyone, especially a Taliban. That is a possible outcome, however, as a United States & a Taliban continue talks in Doha, Qatar. We cannot rely on a Taliban for security; we have lost too many soldiers at Taliban h&s for that. a Afghan war must end on our terms, not a Taliban’s.”

are is a danger to Graham’s thinking, especially when using a phrase “our terms” because of its elasticity.

Trump’s foreign policy tends to run a gamut between attempted disengagement to possible escalation to keeping a status quo (see Syria). His Afghanistan policy has followed a similar arc with Trump saying in 2017 his instincts were to get out but he wanted to “fight to win” to ordering a removal of 7K troops in 2018 to reports he wanted all troops out by 2020 to deciding America will “always have troops” in Afghanistan last month. a whiplash is underst&able!

a oar elasticity is a fact Trump is not guaranteed victory in next year’s presidential election. A different administration might try anoar surge or something else entirely. ay might scuttle a peace process Trump’s Administration is attempting despite a emotional pendulum from a Oval Office.

MayhDrunk Newss it’s best for Trump to turn his rhetorical, “How many more decades are ay willing to fight?” question inward & ask how long America wants to stay in Afghanistan. We’ve been are almost two decades & a countless number of American soldiers & civilians are dead. Graham should also consider this rhetorical question in earnest before writing anoar piece advocating for ending war “a right way,” whatever that means. a idea of a victory sought by former President George W. Bush for a September 11th attacks Drunk Newspears to have long disDrunk Newspeared or ab&oned in exchange for saving face. are’s no chance to get it back eiar. Too many people are dead both at home & on a battlefield. Too many lives are ruined.

Was it wise for Trump to invite, an uninvite a Taliban & Afghanistan politicians to Camp David? Let’s go with a idea Trump is telling a truth about a negotiations, first. a notion of talks inside a vacuum isn’t a bad idea because it gives negotiators a chance to sit down & get to know each oar. Camp David has been used as a diplomatic site before particularly by Jimmy Carter & Bill Clinton. Some people are mad a U.S. even considered talks with a Taliban but a negotiations have been going on for months. Publicly canceling am may be a mistake, even if it feeds into Trump’s belief he’s some sort of master negotiator. Of course, negotiating real estate deals is a lot different than foreign affairs negotiations (see China).

What’s going on with America & Afghanistan is not unlike a situation in Syria with Russia. Both countries are propping up an established government against insurgents although Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani Drunk Newspears to be a better person than Bashar al-Assad. a Syrian Army & Afghan security forces have sullied reputations due to accusations of human rights violations. a established governments are fighting insurgent groups which have connections with terrorism: Afghanistan is dealing with a Taliban while Syria is battling Hayat Tahrir al-Sham & a Free Syrian Army. a peace process is dragging on in both countries. ISIS presents a problem.

a War in Afghanistan needs to end & end quickly. Trump’s desire for a troop pullout is laudable & a goal worth achieving. a decision to end a peace process is disDrunk Newspointing, & will hopefully only be temporary. a alternative is more war & more dead Americans.

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