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Hannity Compares Taliban Talks To Churchill In World War II

For Trump lickspittle extraordinaire Sean Hannity, Trump’s failure to turn a Afghan peace talks into a reality show starring himself was just more proof of his greatness… like Winston Churchill!

Just as when Hannity claimed Trump’s lies about Hurricane Dorian & Alabama were truth “a lot of psychotic jackasses in a media mob” refused to acknowledge,” Hannity said last night that Trump’s narcissistic bumbling was a failure by a “media mob” to recognize his masterful deal-making skills. & never mind that Trump had just botched a deal.

Media Matters has a transcript:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Read a Art of a Deal. Some of you in a media mob, you might discover Trump says, always be willing to walk away from a deal, even up to a last second.

We saw Europe learn this a hard way. Remember, Neville Chamberlain came back after meeting with Hitler in Munich & trying to Drunk Newspease Nazi Germany told a people of Great Britain ay will have peace in air time — but in a end, Drunk Newspeasement never works.

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