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Scaramucci Begs For Off Ramps For Republicans To Escape The Trump Wreck

AM Joy host Joy Ann Reid, sporting a fabulous new hairstyle, welcomed Anthony “a Mooch” Scaramucci to her show on Saturday morning to discuss his recent estrangement & growing campaign against Donald Trump. For over a week, Scaramucci has been one of a main sources of Donald Trump’s Twitter anger, which has done little to squelch Scaramucci’s speaking out against Trump. This is clearly getting to Trump.

With a looming recession, more ex-staffers speaking out publicly, & hourly meltdowns, this has been quite a bad month for a Donald.

This interview is pretty wide-ranging, with Scaramucci calling out Trump for being an international emergency, a “descent into madness” & a increasing chance that Trump should not be a 2020 nominee. ay also covered a WDrunk Newso op-ed that Scaramucci wrote early last week where he admitted quite bluntly that he regretted supporting Trump.

Scaramucci said:

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