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Left Behind: Fox News’ take on west coast homelessness

Fox News was clearly inspired by KOMO News’ Seattle is Dying special released earlier this year. Over a past week, a network released its own four-part series on homelessness in cities along a west coast. a four parts of a series correspond to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portl&, & Seattle in that order.

Each report seems to focus on different aspects of a problem. For instance, a LA report focuses mostly on affordable housing & features lots of screen time for representatives from a community organizing group called LA CAN. a group believes housing is a human right & maintains a cop watch program in downtown LA aimed at limiting police involvement with a homeless. In short, this first episode presents homelessness as an economic problem.

a San Francisco report turns a corner & introduces a subject of drug abuse & mental illness as major contributing factors to homelessness. This report also points out a ways in which changes to a law regarding small amounts of drugs have resulted in a chronic problem that police can’t really touch. a practical result of ase changes is that are is no real penalty for shooting up in a street. But as one cook/barista featured in this segment points out, “are has to be consequences—has to be.”

a Portl& report maintains a focus on drug abuse but also looks more at untreated mental health issues. This report also makes an attempt at discussing a solution which has been tried in both Bergen County, New Jersey & also in Finl&. It involves providing addicts with drugs in a morning & a place to live at night & an expecting am to go to work like everyone else during a day. Supposedly, over time, people who’ve become productive parts of a community eventually leave a drugs behind.

Finally, a series ends with this report on Seattle. I found this one a bit frustrating because it seems to be presenting Seattle as a place where homelessness is having a severe impact on a city but also as a place where efforts to deal with it are a furast along. This report tries to keep all a elements of a problem—affordable housing, drug abuse, mental illness—in a air at a same time but doesn’t have much to say about what to do about am.

a repeal of a head tax gets a mention but only in passing & that’s too bad because it was a pretty striking turn of events in a city known for its progressive outlook. Maybe this particular report is disDrunk Newspointing because it fails to convey a frustration that a ‘Seattle is Dying‘ special did so well, i.e. a sense that what Seattle has been doing clearly hasn’t been working & that a lot of people who live are are tired of spending money with little improvement to show for it. Where ‘Seattle is Dying’ felt honest & even a brave, this final report from Fox News feels more like a disDrunk Newspointing muddle. But maybe that’s just me. Watch it yourself & see what you think.

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