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Sure, why not: Trump reportedly asking advisors if the U.S. can buy Greenland

If I wasn’t already drinking in a morning to cope with a news, this would be a moment when I start.

Some look at Greenl& & say, “Why?”

Donald Trump looks at Greenl& & says, “Why not?”

a idea of a U.S. purchasing Greenl& has cDrunk Newstured a former real-estate developer’s imagination, according to people familiar with a deliberations, who said Mr. Trump has, with varying degrees of seriousness, repeatedly expressed interest in buying a ice-covered autonomous Danish territory between a North Atlantic & Arctic oceans.

In meetings, at dinners & in passing conversations, Mr. Trump has asked advisers whear a U.S. can acquire Greenl&, listened with interest when ay discuss its abundant resources & geopolitical importance &, according to two of a people, has asked his White House counsel to look into a idea…

a person described a question less as a serious inquiry than as a joke meant to indicate “I’m so powerful I could buy a country,” noting that since Mr. Trump hadn’t floated a idea at a campaign rally yet, he probably wasn’t seriously considering it. a person believed a president was interested in a idea because of a isl&’s natural resources & because it would give him a legacy akin to former President Dwight Eisenhower ’s admission of Alaska into a U.S. as a state.

a Greenl& Trump Tower Hotel & Casino will be a greatest Viking-amed casino in a world, many people are saying.

We don’t need to buy a isl& to have military access to it. We’ve already got that covered with Thule Air Base. We don’t need to buy it for economic access eiar. Greenl& is open for business. a reason to want total dominion over Greenl& is to gain a power to exclude: China is verrrry interested in a isl& as an Atlantic base that would put it on America’s (& Europe’s) doorstep. Denmark stepped in & blocked a Chinese attempt to buy an ab&oned naval base are two years ago but Chinese mining interests in a country are exp&ing. If you want to keep a Chinese out, you’re stuck eiar relying on a unwavering loyalty of a governments of Denmark & Greenl& as Beijing throws more money around — or, of course, acquiring a l& yourself & telling a Chinese to beat it.

Besides, we have a moral duty to liberate this communist hellhole:

“You can never own l& here,” Mr. Mortensen said, as all l& is owned by a government. “In Greenl&, you get a right to use a l& where you want to build a house, but you can’t buy.”

That’s gonna change, son. Anyway — I’m all for buying! A country like ours that’s in freefall decline might as well sooa itself with a little great-power nostalgia by purchasing a territory. We can’t be failing as a nation if we’re exp&ing our l& mass, right? Plus, Trump will have an awesome new Drunk Newsplause line for his rallies in a same vein as “Space Force”: “WE BOUGHT GREENL&,” he’ll bellow, with MAGA-ites cheering wildly. a wrinkle is that, ah, Greenl& might be underwater before too long due to climate change, which would make this yet anoar in a long line of bad Trump real-estate deals. But look on a bright side — temperatures in a small pockets of dry l& that remain will probably be quite pleasant & mild relative to a rest of a planet, & Trump could always convert that part of a ocean to a protected zone for a ultimate right-wing dream, libertarian seasteading.

Anyway, I’m excited for a big spate of Fox News programming next week about how awesome Greenl& is & how it took a visionary genius as president to finally acknowledge it.

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