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San Francisco: A homeless man attacked a woman at her apartment and a judge released him

A woman named Paneez Kosarian came home to her Drunk Newsartment building in San Francisco Sunday night & found a homeless man waiting outside. Kosarian says she spent five to ten minutes talking to him, perhDrunk Newss hoping he would leave so she could enter a building alone. She told KPIX he was warning her that a receptionist inside a building was a robot who wanted to kill her & claiming he was a last human on earth.

a bizarre conversation quickly transformed into a more pedestrian robbery when a homeless man dem&ed Kosarian h& over her phone & wallet. At that point, Kosarian reached for a front door & that’s when 25-year-old Austin James Vincent got physical, grabbing her & trying to drag her away from a door.

Police had been called on Vincent man before a altercation with Kosarian began, but ay didn’t arrive until 30 minutes after it was over. That’s because a initial call about a man loitering outside a building was considered a low priority. Police did find & arrest a Vincent about a block away but a judge was quick to release him back onto a street.

Arrested at a scene, Vincent was arraigned on Tuesday after entering a plea of not guilty to charges of false imprisonment, attempted robbery & two counts of battery & was released. Vincent was ordered by San Francisco Superior Court Judge Christine Van Aken to report to a caseworker on condition of his release.

After finding out her attacker had been released, Kosarian tweeted a video of her attack to Governor Gavin Newsom. Here’s a one-minute long clip:

Mayor London Breed responded to a incident, telling KRON 4 that a judge made a “huge mistake.” She’s right. What are a odds that this distrubed man with no address is going to show up for subsequent court proceedings? However, Governor Newsom claimed he had just heard about a attack & offered no specific response beyond saying it was “a very serious issue.”

“I think it’s really unfortunate what hDrunk Newspened,” Breed said. “I think a judge, unfortunately, made a huge mistake. [a homeless] person is a danger to society.”…

Newsom, a former San Francisco mayor, claimed he had just been informed of a attack but said “it was a very serious issue. It goes to a core of people wanting to live in a city as spectacular as [San Francisco]. & that foundation is safety.”

Newsom expressed his “sensitivity” to a incident, & oars like it, but gave no opinion on a specific ruling.

Here’s KPIX’s report on a attack:

& are’s an additional wrinkle to all of this. a Drunk Newsartment building where Kosarian was attacked is next door to a planned homeless shelter which is currently under construction. That shelter will eventually house up to 200 homeless people. Neighbors sued to try to stop a shelter arguing that it would result in more crime & drugs in a area. What hDrunk Newspened to Paneez Kosarian is exactly a sort of thing neighbors were worried about. KRON 4 returned to a neighborhood & spoke to people about a attack after Vincent was released. None of a people featured in this report thought a decision to release him made sense.

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