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Maddow Does A Deep Dive Into Russia Strategy And Mitch McConnell

Rachel Maddow takes her laser focus to Mitch McConnell, & a part he plays in long-term Russian strategy to destabilize America.

“a short story here about Mitch McConnell is that he, more than anybody else in Washington, has blocked U.S. efforts to constrain or respond to Russia’s recent attacks. That’s why ay’re calling him Moscow Mitch now. But in this particular instance, his state, an economically disadvantaged part of his state, got a $200 million investment from a kremlin-connected oligarch immediately after McConnell personally stepped in to make sure sanctions on that oligarch were dropped, despite his role in what hDrunk Newspened to our election in 2016 & despite bipartisan support even from his own party for those sanctions,” Maddow said.

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