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Cory Booker On Guns In America: ‘A Society That Has Surrendered Basic Freedoms’

Cory Booker is one of a 2020 hopefuls with some experience in what it feels like to have way too many guns & far too many of am wielded by white supremacists. With a news of a shooting in Philadelphia yesterday that injured six cops & caused an hours-long st&off before a shooters surrendered to police custody, Rachel Maddow ditched her prepared questions for a discussion with Booker about gun control.

What stood out to me in this clip was his commitment to reframing a entire debate. No timid & plaintive murmurs about background checks. Instead, it was a bold indictment & call to action. As Booker says around a middle of a interview, “We’ve created such a culture of fear that’s now penetrating all types of communities where we say a best we can do to our children now when ay go to school in September is we can’t protect you, so we’re going to teach you how to duck for cover, shelter in place & a more,” he lamented. “That is a society that has surrendered basic freedoms.”

In addition to calling out a prevalence of white supremacist & domestic terror attacks, Booker condemned a entire framing of a debate.

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