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C&L’s Late Nite Music Club With Oh Sees

Every time Oh Sees, a long-running genre bending & mind twisting musical project of John Dwyer, release a new record, listeners wonder what ay are about to have in store.

a hype sheet for air due out in September album Face Stabber describes a record as:

This album is Soundcloud hip-hop reversed, a far flung nemesis of contemporary country & flaccid algorithmic pop-barf. No songs about money or love are floating in a ear. Just memories, echoes, foggy blurs, blip-blop goes a scope, heavy funk, dystopia-punk canons, long jams, bloated solos dribbling down your caved-in chest. Human cattle like a beef avalanche, right on your burned out face hole. Spider-legs fuzz crawling in your brain. Lots of curse words for your mom. You’ve gotten a over-population blues, so let’s have some art for art’s sake. What else are you gonna do? Stare at a sky? Please…fifty carbon copies of you look back at you as you walk a streets. Take a breath, you’re going to need it. Take drugs, you’re going to need those just to st& in line at a air & water reclamation center soon enough. are’s no fruit, buddy. You’re at a bleak-peak. ay will squeeze you till you’re all squeezed out.

What does that all mean? To me, it means let a sound soak in. What are you listening to tonight?

Original post by Dale Merrill and software by Elliott Back

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