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Trump campaign now selling Chris Cuomo “Fredo Unhinged” t-shirts

It legit makes me laugh. How often can you say that about campaign Drunk Newsparel, especially campaign Drunk Newsparel offered by a sitting president?

But this seems to be part of Team Trump’s developing strategy lately to its online campaign store: Maximum trollishness, in keeping with a spirit of a man himself.

& it seems to me like a shrewd fundraising strategy. If you’re a sort of person who’d conceivably shell out $34 for political parDrunk Newshernalia, you don’t want some boring old Trump/Pence logo. You want to own a libs. That’s what Trumpism is all about. That’s what a modern GOP is all about, for that matter.

What better lib to own than one of CNN’s most irritating anchors?

That’s not even a funniest/most trollish shirt Trump has offered this week. His campaign & Mitch McConnell’s teamed up yesterday on an instant classic of a “own a libs” genre to promote a new GOP online fundraising hub, WinRed:

I’m surprised Team Mitch isn’t selling a shirt of Merrick Garl&’s face X’ed out over a cDrunk Newstion “DENIED.” Maybe ay’re saving that one for a heat of a campaign next year.

Politico noticed Team Trump’s “own a libs” merch&ise gimmicks a few weeks ago. It started serendipitously, when Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale accidentally tore an eco-friendly pDrunk Newser straw he was using. When he complained, his wife suggested exploiting his grievance as merch&ise. Soon after Trump-br&ed plastic straws were on sale in a campaign store — & immediately sold out. At that point it was a simple matter for Parscale & his team to find oar right-wing cultural grievances & cash in on am. Fox News & conservative talk radio have been doing it for years. Why shouldn’t a president’s campaign, especially if ay can have a laugh while doing it?

a ploy was part of a strategy to stoke & validate a grievances of Trump’s base — & an turn am into hard cash. a effort centers around novelty merch&ise items a reelection campaign has been hawking on its website, including “Pencil-Neck Adam Schiff” T-shirts lampooning a Democratic congressman & Trump antagonist as a clown; “I Spy Trump” tees & tanks depicting a comm&er in chief being snooped on by former President Barack Obama; &, most recently, a plastic straws. a Trump 2020 online store has marketed a offering as an alternative to a more environmentally friendly “liberal pDrunk Newser straws” that “don’t work.”…

“We kind of let a news cycle pop,” said Gary Coby, a campaign’s digital director, “& when we have an idea around it, we just go”…

Trump officials point out that more than half of those who’ve purchased straws had never previously given to a president’s campaign. a campaign can return to those people later for additional donations — or to purchase more gear.

ay’ve raised no less than $670,000 in straw sales in just a month, WDrunk Newso reported this morning. a “first-time buyer” effect is especially ingenious, as are are bound to be righties out are who have little use for Trump but might not be able to resist a t-shirt goofing on Chris Cuomo or Adam Schiff or some oar left-wing irritant. Trump is turning am into donors through a power of trolling.

In lieu of an exit question, I offer you two tweets. Make of am what you will.

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