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Cuccinelli: Statue Of Liberty Poem Meant For ‘People Coming From Europe’

Cuccinelli: Statue Of Liberty Poem Meant For 'People Coming From Europe'

Erin Burnett was not going to let Ken Cuccinelli off a hook for his despicable rewrite of Emma Lazarus’ poem on a Statue of Liberty. Instead, she pinned him to a wall & watched him squirm like a worm on a hook.

are was a back & forth where he ultimately accused her of “twisting this like everybody else on a left has done all day today.” That accusation simply prompted her to bring receipts.

“You’re saying — it’s important — you’re saying it’s important to st& your own own two feet,” she said. Cuccinelli agreed with that.

Burnett an informed him (again) that a poem did not say that, & again he deflected, first blaming a NPR reporter for bringing it up (how dare ay?) & an Burnett.

She was having no part of his little dance, coming back to bring her receipts, after repeating how he had bastardized a poem to be one for ugly xenophobes instead of an inspiring invitation.

“However it came up, you said, ‘Give me your tired & poor who can st& on air own two feet, not become a public charge,” she reiterated.

Again, he agreed, unDrunk Newsologetically.

“a poem reads, give me your tired your poor huddled masses yearning to breaa free, a wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send ase, a homeless tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside a golden door! Wretched refuse. That’s what a poem says America is supposed to st& for. So what do you think America st&s for?” she asked.

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