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Fox News Promotes Student Op-ed Attacking Bernie And Warren Because He Missed The Boat On College Debt

This past Sunday, a Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed by Ethan Ames, who is now a second-year law student at a University of Chicago. Ames is very upset that Bernie S&ers & Elizabeth Warren’s free public college & debt forgiveness plans have come to fruition too late for him to take advantage.

& just a quick Fox & Friends had him on to call S&ers & Warren’s plans “particularly perverse.”

It’s anoar conservative whiny claim that if he didn’t have it, an neiar can you.

Ames said, “ay knew ay would have to repay any loans ay took out, so I think that ase types of policies punish those people because ay suffered, you know, in opportunity costs lost essentially during college by making those tough decisions.”


He continued, “Bernie S&ers & Elizabeth Warren to tell those people, people like me, that those sacrifices are essentially valueless, because we could have taken out as much in loans as we wanted & ay would forgive am anyway. — & so that’s what is particularly perverse about ase kind of policies.”

Poor baby. Want a piece of c&y or a pony? Will that make you feel better. It’s called progress you horse’s ass.

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