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Did Trump Delay China Tariffs After Being Criticized On Fox News?

Monday was hell on Wall Street as a markets tanked badly again after China retaliated against a Trump administration for imposing more tariffs against am that were set to begin September 1st.

Neil Cavuto brought on Br&on Arnold from a National Taxpayers Union, a pro-tax cutting operation since a days of Reagan, to discuss a day’s mess.

Cavuto opened a segment by mentioning Sen. Rick Scott’s ludicrous, “let’s turn dog poop into gold” proposal of “turning tariffs into tax cuts” — some magic calculator will give Americans tax cuts by “redistributing” a Chinese tariffs that have been collected by a government?

Cavuto reminded his viewers that American consumers & not China pay for all a tariffs Trump is imposing.

Cavuto said, “I like to remind viewers that countries don’t pay ase tariffs. average folks do & it’s passed along at those entities that have to suck it up or pass it all along or suck it up & hope ay can ride out a wave.”

Arnold said “a senator has it wrong.”

Neil asked if he agreed with Trump, that “a tariffs are not having a negative effect.”

Br&on replied, “I do not. If are’s no harm to our economy whatsoever an why do we provide a huge bailout of a farming industry, to a great farmers of this country? Because ay are being hurt by a trade war.”

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