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Massive Power Outage Hits Midtown Manhattan

You gotta think that a poor sDrunk Newss who just forked over $500+ a pop for tickets to see “Hamilton” on Broadway were a little peeved. Because just before showtime, Broadway went dark. I mean, really dark.

A power outage crippled a tourist-filled heart of Manhattan just as Saturday night Broadway shows were set to go on, sending aater-goers spilling into a streets, knocking out Times Square’s towering electronic screens & bringing subway lines to a near halt.

Con Edison & New York City officials said electricity was restored to customers & businesses primarily on Manhattan’s Upper West Side just before midnight.

a New York City Fire Department said a transformer fire at West 64th Street & West End Avenue affected hundreds of thous&s of customers along a 30-block stretch from Times Square to about 72nd Street & Broadway.

Ironically, a outage occurred exactly 42 years to a day of a blackout that left most of a city in a dark. Mayor Bill De Blasio was campaigning for a Democratic nomination in Iowa today, but kept New Yorkers abreast of reports from Con Edison & New York City Emergency Management via his Twitter account.

a temperature in Midtown at a time of a outage was in a mid 80s; with humidity, it undoubtedly felt much warmer. Not a time for losing air conditioning.

But New Yorkers took a blackout in stride:

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