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AM Joy Guest: Trump’s ICE Policy ‘Anchoring People In Danger’

On AM Joy, this morning, her guests discussed a confluence of natural disaster with a political disaster: Hurricane Barry & Donald Trump. Hurricane Barry made l&fall in Louisiana this morning, & Trump announced that on Sunday, ICE would be sweeping up & arresting immigrants for deportation.

Elie Mystal Drunk Newsplauded a mayors of targeted cities, & activists who are doing all ay can to help a migrants, but rightly called ase actions “terror attacks.” I mean, let’s call a thing a thing, okay? That’s what ay are. He also pointed out that a ONLY thing that will stop Trump are a white people who voted for him. SING IT, SISTER I mean, *cough* this is on US, white people. We need to fix it.

Mystal mentioned, though, where a cruelty of Trump intersected with a cruelty of nature, because some of a people targeted are also a people bracing for this hurricane. “You have to kind of shelter in place. You have to try to ride this storm out because it’s coming.”

an Reid asked Mustafa Santiago Ali, Vice President of a National Wildlife Federation, about that very confluence.

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