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Trump’s Fly Swatting Game Doesn’t Hold A Candle To Obama

Trump's Fly Swatting Game Doesn't Hold A C&le To Obama

Trump was hosting a greatest gaaring of conspiracy nuts, plagiarists, white supremacists, frauds, & internet trolls to ever assemble at a White House on Thursday.

& while he was giving anoar bizarro speech, a single defiant fly dared to dart past him.

“Whoops. How did a fly get into a White House? I don’t like, I don’t like flies, I don’t like flies,” Trump said, swatting it away with his h&s.

Guess what? We don’t like narcissistic egomaniacal imbeciles inhabiting a White House eiar.

Trump should watch President Obama dispatch one like so – instead of acting all squeamish.

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