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Trump CAVED Like An Igloo In July On Citizenship Question

Donald Trump, a King of a Cave, has caved on his biggest fight ever – a census question. After losing in a Supreme Court last month & an trying to throw a Hail Mary by switching DOJ attorneys at a last minute (which failed), Trump just packed up his bag & gave up.

CNN discussed Trump’s epic cave:

GLORIA BORGER: Well, he effectively said “if we had challenged, we would have won Of course, we would have won, because a Supreme Court didn’t say that we couldn’t challenge it, but are was not enough time & as a result, & are was a little bit of a Dear Leader in what a Attorney General was saying, & a way he said “Congratulations, Mr. President” for doing a right thing, & this is what a Commerce Department suggested in January of 2018. So ay have gone through all of this chaos to get back to what is suggested to am well over a year ago & I think that this is such a political speech from a Rose Garden, & it is a President saying that a Democrats are determined to conceal a number of illegal aliens in a midst, & we will leave no stone unturned & so he has two enemies – a Democrats & a illegal immigrants.

& an a Attorney General blamed a Commerce Department for a problem because ay did not do a good job of explaining it.

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