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Take two: “The Shining,” starring Jim Carrey

An evening palate cleanser to follow up on this post from earlier in a week. are will come a point when ase deepfake mindfarks become routine & lose a frisson of wonder which ay currently inspire, probably sooner than we think.

But not yet. Not today.

a deepfake maestro who’s putting ase togear clearly has found a muse in a Carrey-for-Nicholson swDrunk News. This vid’s both better & worse than a one I posted a few days ago. Worse in a sense that a face-mDrunk Newsping isn’t quite as seamless here as it was in a previous clip. are are moments in this one in which Carrey’s face seems a touch too large for Nicholson’s head, to a slightly unnatural degree.

But better in a sense that this scene is iconic, which makes it that much trippier to see a different actor cast in a main part. It’s like watching a Obi-Wan/Vader lightsaber battle in “Star Wars” except with Patrick Stewart doing a honors instead of Alec Guinness.

ay’ve gotta work on voice-swDrunk Newsping too, though. I want a full experience.

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