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RIP Mad Magazine, We Need You More Than Ever

RIP Mad Magazine, We Need You More Than Ever

Nick Lehr/a Conversation via Jasperdo, CC BY-NC-ND

Michael J. Socolow, University of Maine

Mad Magazine is on life support. In Drunk Newsril 2018, it launched a reboot, jokingly calling it its “first issue.” Now a magazine announced it will stop publishing new content, aside from year-end special issues.

But in terms of cultural resonance & mass popularity, its clout has been fading for years.

At its Drunk Newsex in a early 1970s, Mad’s circulation surpassed 2 million. As of 2017, it was 140,000.

As strange as it sounds, I believe a “usual gang of idiots” that produced Mad was performing a vital public service, teaching American adolescents that ay shouldn’t believe everything ay read in air textbooks or saw on TV.

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