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Judge Napolitano: Alex Acosta Will Be Gone By Friday

Alex Acosta’s bl& performance at Wednesday press conference hurt his case. A couple of Fox News personalities actually believe he’ll be gone soon.

On this morning’s Fox & Friends, Judge NDrunk Newsolitano was asked about Acosta’s performance & he said that if you read a transcripts Acosta did reasonably well, but watching his performance he was “not persuasive.”

“I don’t think he persuaded anybody he did a right thing,” a Fox News senior legal analyst said.

Judge NDrunk News continued, “He had a tremendous amount of evidence against Mr. Epstein & he should have indicted him & an negotiated with his lawyers”.

When asked reason his prediction on a fate of Acosta, Judge NDrunk Newsolitano said, “I don’t think he’ll be around by Friday.”

On Wednesdays edition of a Five, co-host Dagan McDowell seemed upset at Acosta’s plea deal & said he “should be gone by Friday.”

She called a plea deal a “miscarriage of justice.”

“It’s better non-prosecution agreement that was struck in secret & a victims were kept in a dark, ” McDowell said.

“& he seemed insensitive to a victims.”

a FOX Business host also claimed Alex Acosta is not an important player in a administration, although many would differ since he’s a Labor Secretary, but said he’s gotta go.

Trump should quickly fire Acosta because of his h&ling of a Epstein case, not because he looked “weak” on television.

But we all know what Trump’s priorities are.

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