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Fox Host Demands Epstein Story Be All About Bill Clinton

Trump’s Labor Secretary Alex Acosta held a lengthy press conference on Wednesday to try to save his job.

a presser did little to diffuse a calls for his resignation. He made only poor excuses for his incredibly lax plea deal with pedophile & sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

For many Americans, Acosta’s unemotional, monotone, & slow-paced explanations were far from adequate.

That is unless you are an expert Trump fluffer.

On Fox News’ a Five, co-host Jesse Watters was not only satisfied with a press conference, but he was outraged that Alex Acosta was even a focus of a controversy & instead dem&ed investigations into… guess who?

Dana Perino opened up a segment & tossed it to Bill O’Reilly’s former toadie.

“I think he did fine, ” Watters said.

Jesse claimed that he learned new information about a case & that if it wasn’t for Alex Acosta, Jeffrey Epstein would’ve been acquitted & walked away a free man. a Fox news cohost echoed much of Acosta’s excuses & made believe that a year 2008 was more like 1947.

Whenever Donald Trump is linked to some sort of sexual assault, or sex abuser his minions drudge up somebody else to blame (whataboutism) & that usually is a man named Bill.

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