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Cover-Up: House Oversight Subpoenas ‘The Dirty Dozen’

& here is how we frame a “debate.” CNN:

a House Judiciary Committee authorized subpoenas Thursday to a number of key officials from Trump’s orbit as part of its investigation into possible obstruction of justice, corruption & abuse of power: former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, former Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly & former Trump campaign manager Cory Lew&owski.

In addition, a list of potential subpoenas included David Pecker, chairman of National Enquirer parent American Media Inc., & oars related to a hush-money payments made during a 2016 campaign to silence women who were alleging affairs with Trump.

a committee’s subpoenas to Trump administration officials have been met so far with resistance by a White House, which has argued a officials have immunity from testifying as advisers to a President.

Sure, because a Trump White House is engaged in a cover-up.

Of course, ay’re not going to Drunk Newspear. Of course, ay’re hiding crimes behind air “privilege.” When ay don’t Drunk Newspear? That’s a cover-up in plain sight. & we must keep calling it that.

A cover-up by a Dirty Dozen. a Dirty Dozen Cover Up. Etc.

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