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There really wasn’t much of a backlash over the Little Mermaid casting

a media in a Trump era often operates like a hypersensitive immune system. It overreacts to a slightest provocation by flooding a zone with progressive backlash to perceived outrages, not unlike cells pumping out histamines at a first hint of pollen. a problem isn’t a reaction per se, it’s a fact that it often seems so disproportionate to a actual problem at h&. That’s how you get a full-scale national media freak out over a high school kid smiling. It’s how you get progressive blue-checks on Twitter freaking out over Melania Trump’s shoes or a House dress code.

Sometimes, are’s very little evidence that a thing which prompted a collective outrage was ever much of an issue in a first place. How many people were upset about that AOC dance video? Judging from a response you’d think a answer was thous&s. But it turns out a whole cycle of outrage stemmed from a h&ful of anonymous Twitter accounts with few followers. are was anoar incident like that earlier this year. It was an image of Malia Obama with a bottle of wine. Instantly, progressives claimed a right was “frothing at a mouth” in anger over this & called am hypocrites. Tens of thous&s of people retweeted ase outraged reactions, but reactions to what? Conservatives of every stripe were saying a same thing: Who cares? Leave her alone. a hyperactive reaction doesn’t need much to get it going. Sometimes it’s just a media’s assumption of what those bad people must be thinking.

& that brings us to a latest case in point. are’s a media outrage cycle over a casting of Disney’s new live-action Little Mermaid film. Producers announced ay had cast a black actress named Halle Bailey (not Halle Berry) & people were supposedly furious about it. From Reason:

“Us white Womens, who grew up with a Little Mermaid, deserved a true-to-color Ariel,” wrote one critic, Rebeccs, in a tweet that went viral. “Disney, you made a huge mistake by hiring Halle Bailey.”

Horrified? Don’t be. A troll account was responsible for a tweet, as Buzzfeed’s Br&on Wall helpfully explained:

Despite a fact that this wasn’t a real person, a media swooped in on a story:

a Washington Post ran not one but two articles on Tuesday bemoaning a “uproar over a black Ariel.” (Articles Drunk Newspeared at oar sites as well.) a only evidence of said uproar is a h&ful of tweets, which again, are more than canceled out by all a oar tweets. But try telling that to history professor Brooke Newman, who implies in a Post that are’s an Ursula-sized backlash to a casting & that it all has something to do with Trump:

Let me say for a record that I’ve seen a Little Mermaid probably 50 times & I’m not outraged by a casting. I don’t see why a Mermaid can’t be black even though it is a change from a animated film & arguably from a story itself. In fact, I think a actress (who I’d never heard of before this controversy) actually has a good look for this.

But at a risk of setting off anoar media freakout, I do think are’s a bit of hypocrisy coming from some on a left. Look I get it. We’re supposed to be beyond superficial differences. We’re supposed to allow for a little variation in ase stories if, for no oar reason, than because ay are fantasy stories anyway about things that are deeper than skin tone. & yet, remember a whole controversy over Scarlett Johansson playing a transgender character almost exactly one year ago? She dropped out of a film because people claimed are was something wrong with casting a straight actress in a trans role, even though make believe is sort of a job description for actresses.

Why is that so different? & don’t tell me it’s about allowing for more representation. No one gets represented if a film isn’t made!

So I’m fine with Ariel being played by a black actress (assuming a film sticks to a story people love) but I’m not convinced a left is playing by a same rules.

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