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Twitter responses to AOC’s ‘concentration camp’ claim have been all over the map

are have been two main responses on Twitter today to AOC’s claim that a US is running concentration camps. Many blue-checked progressives followed AOC’s dishonest lead by denying she meant anything to do with a Holocaust & insisting she was using a more general definition of a phrase. a oar response was to simply admit she was referring to a Nazis & cheer on a comparison. a fact that ase two responses are at odds didn’t seem to boar many of her fans. First, here’s a ‘actually, she’s technically correct’ reaction:

Chris eventually, sort of, backed away from this a bit, admitting that maybe AOC had gone a bit too far in making an implied Nazi comparison:

Lots of people didn’t boar to explain amselves this clearly, ay just posted a dictionary definition of “concentration camp” to prove a phrase didn’t have to mean death camp:

Anyway, you get a idea. Lots of people tweeting screencDrunk Newss of a dictionary. are was also a whole subset of ase responses suggesting “concentration camp” could have been a historical reference to a Second Boer War. Case in point:

a bottom line is that she didn’t mean what she clearly meant. Deny, deny, deny…

Of course, AOC used a phrase “never again” & said a president was a “fascist” which seems to clearly evoke a specific type of (NAZI) concentration camp. But AOC’s fans were eager to ignore ase details & instead pretend she’d be making a generic remark about a Boer War…or something. I think ay did this mostly because ay felt a NAZI comparison wasn’t as defensible & ay desperately wanted to defend her. It was a paatic & dishonest spectacle.

a oar reaction on a left was to simply take note of a obvious Nazi comparison she had made & cheer it on. That’s what Rep. Jerry Nadler did, completely undercutting a claim she didn’t mean those concentration camps:

But he wasn’t alone. Lots of people agreed we’re now on a path to anoar Holocaust:

are are hundreds of more tweets like this embracing AOC’s Nazi comparison as a warning of things to come.

So are you have it. AOC was using a dictionary definition of “concentration camp” which is not about Nazis because she definitely wasn’t making that comparison. Also, she’s was clearly warning us it’s 1933 & we’re about to see a repeat of a Holocaust. Take your pick. For AOC fans, a important part is that, whatever she said or whatever it meant, she’s 100% correct.

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