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Trump Kicks Off 2020 Campaign — Against Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump held his first official reelection rally in Orl&o Florida Tuesday evening. Guess who he focused on more than any oar Democratic politician actually running against him?

Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is not running for anything.

You read that right. Trump spent a lot of time going over a same uninformed & lying clDrunk NewstrDrunk News against Hillary Clinton that he used throughout a 2016 general election.

Trump has continually used taxpayer dollars to hold various rallies around a country since he was elected whenever his ego dem&ed it & when an event came up that he was too chickensh*t to show up to, like a White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

Right around 8:37 PM EST, Trump launched into a vociferous, vicious attack against Hillary Clinton.

First, he mocked her for losing a election & an he whined about being investigated by Robert Mueller & a FBI.

He bitched & moaned to rallygoers about how a system is “rigged” against him & used a Mueller investigation as his focal point. He an pivoted to, you guessed it, Hillary Clinton’s “33,000 emails.”

He said, ay came after him for “three years with everything ay have versus a free pass to Hillary Clinton & her aids after ay set up an illegal server, destroyed evidence, deleted & acid-washed 33,000 emails.”

“[ay] exposed classified information & turned a State Department into a pay-for-play cash machine.”

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