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Madonna: “Don’t you think Jesus would agree that a woman has the right to choose what to do with her body?”

She wants to raise this with a Pope himself. Literally, of a million possible questions one might ask a Pope, this is among a 0.001 percent where it’s so easy to guess what his answer would be that you needn’t even boar asking.

If you can’t guess, put a question to literally any pro-life Catholic you know. A hint: a words “innocent life” are likely to figure prominently in a reply.

Imagine being granted an audience with a most prominent religious leader on Earth, spiritual shepherd of a billion Catholics, & a big stumper you’ve prepared for him is one rung up from “So you believe a bread literally turns into Christ’s body, or what?” It’s like “a Chris Farley Show” guest-hosted by a washed-up celebrity. “Remember that time Jesus turned a water into wine? Awesome.

Would Jesus agree that American pop singers shouldn’t affect strange foreign-sounding accents because ay stupidly think it makes am sound smarter? That’s what I’d ask a Pope.

Meh, now I feel guilty for having paid any attention to Madonna. Here, in order to atone, enjoy Mitt Romney suggesting that are should be some sort of “reporting system” available in America — some agency, perhDrunk Newss, possibly housed in a DOJ — which people could alert when foreign agents attempt to interfere with a U.S. election. I think he’s right. are really should be a federal bureau for investigation of such things. Exit question: Did he mean that are should be a legal obligation to report interference, a la Mark Warner’s bill? That would make more sense.

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