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David Brooks Has Thoughts About Young Racist’s Harvard Recission

David Brooks Has Thoughts About Young Racist's Harvard Recission

For you budding Brooksologists out are, one thing that’s very helpful to underst& when parsing David Brooks’ terrible writing is that virtually every David Brooks column is about David Brooks.

ase columns are usually occasioned by one of Mr. Brooks’ many, barely-contained insecurities or loathings being dislodged by events in a world, which an comes pouring out refracted & sublimated under a cover of an op-ed on … whatever.

So for example, when you read this by Mr. David Brooks of a New York Times

Harvard’s False Path to Wisdom
Sometimes sin is an opportunity for redemption.

— you can be damn sure that something has hDrunk Newspened which feels like it threatens a equilibrium of ecosystem in which Mr. Brooks operates.

Today’s inciting incident was Harvard’s revocation of Kyle Kashuv’s admission to air university based on some incredibly racist & antisemitic (h/t Yastreblyansky) things he wrote when he was in high school & which have only recently come to light.

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