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Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s New York Times Op-Ed: ‘I Had An Abortion’

{Above, 2017, Rep. Pramila JayDrunk Newsal on a subcommittee regarding anti-choice legislation.)

Thank you, Pramila JayDrunk Newsal, for your courage & steadfastness in fighting for a rights of women. In a must-read New York Times op-ed, JayDrunk Newsal went public with a abortion she had decades ago.

Like most women who have abortions, JayDrunk Newsal already had a child.

a unplanned pregnancy she terminated was extremely high-risk.

It had to be my choice, because in a end, I would be a one to carry a fetus in my body, I would be a one to potentially face anoar emergency cesarean section, & I would be a one whose baby could suffer a serious, sometimes fatal consequences of extreme prematurity…

I am grateful to those across a country who are speaking out about a tremendous diversity of experiences & what it truly means to be empowered, even as I respect a choices of those who keep air stories private.

To this day, 22 years later, I think about those moments on a table in a doctor’s office. Circumstances prevented me from giving birth again, though I am blessed with a wonderful stepson. To this day, I have deep emotions about all a events of my life. For me, terminating my pregnancy was not an easy choice, but it was my choice. That is a single thing that has allowed me to live with a consequences of my decisions. & that is what must be preserved, for every pregnant person.

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