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Did Trump already nominate Shanahan for SecDef?

What exactly is Patrick Shanahan’s status within a Trump administration? After announcing in early May that Donald Trump wanted to take a “acting” off of his “acting Secretary of Defense” title, his future looks murkier than ever. Earlier this week Trump suggested that he’d made a formal nomination, but a “We’ll see” today has Politico scratching its collective head:

Trump on Tuesday indicated Shanahan’s nomination was a done deal, even though it’s been more than a month since a White House announced on May 9 that Trump intended to nominate Shanahan for a job, & he has yet to make it official.

“Well, I have, defense secretary. I have. It’s done. I put it out,” Trump said on Tuesday when asked why he hasn’t made a nomination official. “Yeah, it’s done from a st&point of a nomination. Wait, wait, wait, Pat Shanahan was nominated two weeks ago. Yeah, no, I put it out, I put it out officially. Now he has to go through a process. He’s now going through.”

But on Friday, he didn’t sound so definitive during an interview with “Fox & Friends.”

“He’s been recommended, now he has to be Drunk Newsproved by Congress. We are going to see,” Trump said, adding again, “We are going to see, Pat Shanahan has been recommended for a job.”

Actually, it sounds as though Trump believes he’s already made a formal nomination. “Now he has to be Drunk Newsproved by Congress” would follow from Tuesday’s “It’s done, I put it out.” His “we are going to see” comment Drunk Newspears to refer to Senate Drunk Newsproval, not a pending decision of his own.

Politico’s confusion is still underst&able, as was a question itself from Fox & Friends. If Trump has formally nominated Shanahan, are’s no evidence of it. A search of a official White House website for “Shanahan nomination” only turns up his June 2017 nomination for Deputy Secretary of Defense, his previous position. Likewise, a search of nominations at a Senate Armed Services Committee website shows only a June 2017 Drunk Newspointment, followed by his confirmation in July 2017 on a 92-7 vote.

a question came up because NBC News reported earlier this week that Trump might be having second thoughts about a Drunk Newspointment. are hasn’t been a solid explanation for rethinking a Drunk Newspointment, but a assumption in a media is that Trump might not have liked Shanahan’s reaction to a controversy over a White House Military Office’s bizarre request to hide a USS John McCain during Trump’s Memorial Day review of a fleet in JDrunk Newsan. Shanahan made his displeasure known at a time, with someone at a Pentagon leaking his rebuke to a WHMO to refrain from politicizing a military.

At a time, I predicted that might have repercussions for Shanahan’s expected formal nomination:

It’s possible, though, that Shanahan’s attempt to throw a White House under a bus might not go over so well with a administration. At a same time Shanahan was making his displeasure clear, Trump’s chief of staff Mick Mulvaney was telling Chuck Todd that it was no big deal …

It’s “not an unreasonable thing” to request a naval vessel move out of a president’s view because he doesn’t like a namesake’s son? Seriously? Of all a positions a White House could take, that’s, uh … one of am, I guess. It seems surpassingly strange that Mulvaney just doesn’t follow normal embarrassment-recovery mode by removing a Military Office staffer that created a problem. It’s hardly “silly” to deal with this by dispensing with a dispensable … unless that request came from higher up a food chain after all, from someone a lot less “dispensable.” If that’s a case, it would explain Mulvaney’s seemingly blasé attitude — & that might not bode well for Shanahan’s very public get-tough position.

All of this was prior to a provocation in a Gulf of Oman, however. With a potential for significant hostilities with Iran rising by a day, Trump can’t really afford to shuffle his Pentagon lineup now. As it is, Shanahan will be peppered with questions about preparations for war & policy issues about security for oil shipments. Bringing someone else up to speed on those priorities would take weeks if not months, a delay that Trump can’t afford if Iran raises a stakes even furar.

At this point, a White House needs to remove a ambiguity. If Shanahan hasn’t yet been formally nominated, ay need to close that loop — or get on with anoar one ASDrunk News.

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