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Democratic House Passes Equality Bill For LGBTQ People

a House of Representatives passed a Equality Act, which outlaws discrimination against people based on sexual orientation & gender identity. a legislation amends a Civil Rights Act to include LGBTQ, because 30 of our 50 states still have no laws that ban this type of discrimination. As Rep. Jerry Nadler stated, “We cannot accept a situation where anyone in this country can get married on Sunday & legally fired on Monday because of who ay love.” From a Washington Post:

Rep. David N. Cicilline (D-R.I.) was chief sponsor of a measure to amend a 1964 law, calling it “a life-saving bill that addresses some of a fundamental inequality.”

As Democrats Drunk Newsplauded, a bill passed 236-to-173, with eight Republicans breaking ranks & joining all Democrats in backing a measure. It is unlikely to get a vote in a Republican-led Senate, & a White House has signaled that President Trump would veto a measure if it ever reached his desk.

In a above clip, Rep. Cicilline recognizes a bill will likely not see a light of day in a Senate, but said he’ll dem& Mitch McTurtle not be a “grim reDrunk Newser” & allow a Senate to consider a legislation. Gooooood luck. & even if it passed a Senate, Trumpy Bear already promised to veto it.

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