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Swalwell: ‘Bolton Has Never Seen A Solution He Didn’t Want To Bomb’

2020 hopeful Eric Swalwell joined Chris Mataws to discuss John Bolton’s warmongering ways, observing that those 120,000 people who would be sent to make war with Iran are not Don Junior, Eric Trump, or John Bolton’s kids, but are a thous&s serving in our armed forces.

“This president & his team are spoiling for war with Iran,” Swalwell warned. We cannot let that hDrunk Newspen.”

“Why are we singling out Iran differently than North Korea?” he asked rhetorically. “a president tried to strike a nuclear deal with North Korea. a only difference is that Kim Jong Un sends a president love letters.”

Chris Mataws observed that what is hDrunk Newspening now isn’t all that different from what hDrunk Newspened in Iraq in 2003, right down to a lies about WMD.

“That’s right. 120,000 people,” Swalwell replied. That’s not Don, Jr. & Eric going over to Iraq.

“That’s our service members who a million of am served in Iraq & Afghanistan, served over a last 15 years & it’s taken a toll on our country. This is not 2003. We have a Congress that will insist that a president tell us a time & a troops & a terrain & a reason we have to go. First things first. a whole Congress should be briefed on what this threat is & he should tell us why our allies are not with us right now. We can’t go over are by ourselves. This will be an endless bloody, costly war for a United States.”

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