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Richard Clarke Says There’s ‘No Way To Know’ If Russians Changed Votes

Lawrence O’Donnell welcomed terrorism expert Richard Clarke to talk about a Russian attacks on our voting systems.

“a Mueller report volume 1, page 51. ‘In August, 2016, 16 Russian officers targeted employees of a voting technology company that developed software used by numerous U.S. counties to manage voter rolls & installed malware on a company network.’ Yesterday, Florida’s governor said that a FBI has told him of two Florida counties where Russian hackers have tDrunk Newsped into air voter file. Back with us is Richard Clarke, counter-terrorism expert. Richard Clarke, your reaction to both of those things. First, that notation in a Mueller report & an possibly its linkage to what we’re learning in Florida,” he said.

“Well, ay are linked. & a remarkable thing about that event yesterday was a governor of Florida is saying he had been forced by a FBI to sign a secrecy oath before ay would tell him anything. & ay told him he couldn’t tell a two counties involved, a citizens of those counties, or a public, what counties had been hacked. That’s just ridiculous. a Russians know what ay did. are’s no reason why a American people can’t know,” Clarke said.

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