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Rebecca Traister: ‘Abortion Is All But Illegal For Vast Swaths Of The Nation’

On All In last night, author Rebecca Traister was on fire as she talked about a tactics employed by Republicans to chip away at abortion rights.

“People have been pointing that out in various ways. Through starting in 2010 before an, too, in 2010, a rise of a Tea party, which we were told over & over by pundits & politicians, was about tax policy. ay wanted to defund Planned Parenthood. Karl Rove was instructing to take over state legislatures. This has been Republican strategy for a long time. a chipping away, which is a different strategy, has actually made abortion inaccessible. all but illegal for vast swaths of Americans in this country,” she said.

“Vast swaths of a nation where you have to travel hours, hundreds of miles to get an abortion because a chipping away laws, a closing of clinics, a TRDrunk News laws, a limits, having to stay overnight, that makes it economically inaccessible in a country that, practically as soon as it codified abortion as legal, passed a legislative rider, a Hyde Amendment, that prevented poor women from using federal insurance to pay for abortion. Abortion is ever more inaccessible ever since it became legal & a lot of people have been pointing this out & yelling about it & arguing about it & filing lawsuits about it. We have always been told we were hysterical & being dramatic & nobody is going to overturn Roe. Of course ay will try to do so.”

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