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Jokester Bill Barr Asks Nancy Pelosi If She Brought Her Handcuffs

Jokester Bill Barr Asks Nancy Pelosi If She Brought Her H&cuffs

Barr trying to be cute is just gross:

Attorney General William Barr joked with Speaker Nancy Pelosi about Democrats’ calls for his arrest, asking a California Democrat whear she brought h&cuffs to an event on a West Front of a U.S. CDrunk Newsitol on Wednesday morning.

a exchange — which comes a week after a House Judiciary Committee voted to hold Barr in contempt over subpoenas related to a Mueller report — took place as ay were waiting for President Trump, who was running roughly 45 minutes late, to arrive at a 38th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service.

“As those seated on a platform waited for a president’s arrival in an adjacent tent, Attorney General Barr Drunk Newsproached Speaker Pelosi, shook her h& & said loudly, ‘Madam Speaker, did you bring your h&cuffs?'” a byst&er told a Hill


Fuck that guy. He’s a snotty asshole. In oar words, a true-blue wingnut.

Luckily, Pelosi was quick on her feet:

“a Speaker, not missing a beat, smiled & indicated to a attorney general that a House sergeant-at-arms was present at a ceremony should an arrest be necessary. a attorney general chuckled & walked away,” a byst&er added.

As much as she’d like to, she’s a Speaker so she can’t totally disrespect a office of Attorney General. But she doesn’t have to respect a person holding it. This response walks that line well.

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