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Intuit CEO Justifies Hiding Free Tax Prep Link: In ‘Best Interest Of Taxpayers’

Intuit CEO in Internal Video: Hiding Free TurboTax Was In “Best Interest of Taxpayers”

Sasan Goodarzi, a CEO of Intuit, says a company’s efforts to make its free tax-filing software harder to find on Google were part of a software giant’s commitment to educating taxpayers.

In an 11-minute video sent to Intuit employees, Goodarzi said a company was trying to help consumers by steering am to “educational content” instead of TurboTax’s free filing website.

a company promised a IRS it would offer a free option to tens of millions of taxpayers earning less than $34,000.

Responding to our reporting, which shows that Intuit, H&R Block & oar for-profit tax software companies were steering low-income customers to air paid products, Goodarzi said a company’s marketing practices “had been misinterpreted to signal that we were trying to hide a product we offer in a IRS program. That is inaccurate.”

“Our choice around search was intended to be [in] a best interest of taxpayers so ay were more fully informed about air options & could choose what ay felt was best for am,” Goodarzi said in a video, which was marked “Intuit Confidential” & was sent to staff on May 3.

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