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Joe And Mika Are Very Confused Over Elizabeth Warren’s Refusal To Go On Fox

Much wringing of h&s & gnashing of teeth on Morning Joe today over Elizabeth Warren’s decision not to do a Fox Town hall.

“Senator Elizabeth Warren turned down a opportunity to Drunk Newspear in a Fox News town hall. In a series of tweets, a Massachusetts senator explained her reasoning behind a decision yesterday. Calling a network a, quote, ‘hate for profit racket’ that gives a megDrunk Newshone to conspiracies. Fox News did not immediately respond. Senators Bernie S&ers & Amy Klobuchar have Drunk Newspeared on Fox News town halls. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is considering one, as well,” Mika said.

“What do you think about this? If you think that Fox News is what Elizabeth Warren said she believed it was, do you reach out to viewers who may watch Shep? May watch oar newscasters, Chris Wallace & oars that do a news pretty darn straight. Don’t you want to reach out to swing voters & go on Fox News?” Scarborough said.

“Yes. But I think are are a couple things. I think just because are’s a bunch of good journalists who work are doesn’t erase what’s going on are, which one could argue is exactly as Elizabeth Warren describes it. A direct connection from a corrupt president who is a racist, to megDrunk Newshones for people who peddle it to a bunch of dupes. That does hDrunk Newspen on Fox. That is clear,” Mika said.

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