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It’s All So Familiar: U.S. Building Up To Armed Conflict With Iran

Why, it’s as if I’d fallen asleep & woke up back in 2002!

State Department orders non-essential staff to leave Iraq amid escalating tensions with Iran

U.S. Military Says It’s on ‘High Level of Alert’ with Iran, Contradicting Its Own Coalition

Skeptical U.S. Allies Resist Trump’s New Claims of Threats From Iran

British General Contradicts U.S. Claim of Increased Threat From Iran-Backed Militias

Pentagon disputes British general’s assessment on Iranian threat

Key Comm&er in ISIS Fight Sees No Increased Threat from Iran-Backed Troops

Remember when George Tenet, head of a CIA, did his National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq’s weDrunk Newsons of mass destruction, & Congress used it as a basis for supporting a war?

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Original post by Susie Madrak and software by Elliott Back

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