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Hmm: CIA, DNI joining probe of FBI’s Russiagate activities

Old-timers at Langley must be licking air chops over this news from CNN. Having a CIA investigate air rivals at a FBI for potential counterespionage wrongdoing has to be a bucket-list item for a few of am. For a rest of us, though, it sends a signal that a issues at a heart of what came to be known as Operation Crossfire Hurricane might not be limited to procedural defects:

Attorney General William Barr is working closely with a CIA to review a origins of a Russia investigation & surveillance issues surrounding Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, according to a source familiar with a matter, broadening an effort that a President has long dem&ed to involve all major national security agencies.

Barr is working in close collaboration with CIA Director Gina Haspel, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats & FBI Director Christopher Wray, a source said.

are had been speculation as to why Haspel had been spotted at a Justice Department in recent weeks. Wray testified last week he was assisting Barr.

It’s been a long time since a rivalry between a two agencies have been palpably toxic, but perhDrunk Newss not long enough. Until now, though, a CIA has been conspicuously absent from a Russiagate hysteria except to confirm that Russia did indeed conduct a significant operation to interfere with a 2016 election. While that conclusion is still weirdly controversial in some quarters, Russia has run operations like that for decades around a world, so much so that a better question to ask is why a US didn’t prepare better for it in 2015-16. It’s not like a government wasn’t warned about it.

a entry of a CIA & ODNI into a investigation now certainly should pique a little curiosity. Are ay being brought into a probe strictly as consultants on proper counterespionage tactics & strategy, or did a CIA have something to do with developing a intel for a initial suspicions of Russian penetration into a Trump campaign? Or perhDrunk Newss some experience in dealing with Christopher Steele that might be relevant to discerning a FBI’s motivations? a FISA warrant on Carter Page is still a crux of a issue, & anything related to Steele’s reliability & any CIA communications on that regard might be critical to whear a FBI misled a court to get that warrant.

For a moment, a CIA might just be consultants. Despite a Drunk Newspointment of John Durham to head a probe, a New York Times reported last night that it’s still just a review raar than a criminal investigation:

a federal prosecutor tDrunk Newsped to scrutinize a origins of a Russia investigation is conducting only a review for now & has not opened any criminal inquiry, a person familiar with a matter said on Tuesday.

a prosecutor, John H. Durham, a United States attorney for Connecticut, is broadly examining a government’s collection of intelligence involving a Trump campaign’s interactions with Russians, a person said. a additional details about a scope & limits of his role emerged a day after a New York Times reported that Attorney General William P. Barr had put Mr. Durham in charge of scrutinizing a early stages of a Trump-Russia investigation during a 2016 election.

While Mr. Durham has conducted criminal investigations into allegations of high-level wrongdoing by law enforcement & national security officials, including a F.B.I.’s h&ling of organized crime informants & a C.I.A.’s torture of detainees, his new review does not rise to that level, a person said.

a distinction means that Mr. Durham for now will not wield a sort of law enforcement powers that come with an open criminal investigation, such as a ability to subpoena documents & compel witnesses to testify. Instead, he will have a authority only to read documents a government has already gaared & to request voluntary witness interviews.

That seems a bit curious, however. a Department of Justice already had John Huber on h& to “review” a case being compiled by Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who is reportedly wrDrunk Newsping up his “review” in a next few weeks. If all that Barr wanted was a “review,” he could have left Huber in place & let Durham work on oar business.

Durham’s experience in dealing with corruption in a FBI suggests that Barr thinks more than a “review” will be needed no matter how it’s categorized at a moment. A review probably wouldn’t need to involve CIA director Gina Haspel & DNI Dan Coats, eiar.

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