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Sarah Sanders: That Whole Wikileaks Thing Was Just A Joke!

Sarah Huckabee S&ers compounded Trump’s lie, claiming he knew “nothing about Wikileaks,” when she pretended that “clearly” Trump was joking all those times he showered love on Wikileaks.

On Fox News Sunday today, host Chris Wallace played a video montage of Trump saying, during a 2016 campaign, “I love WikiLeaks;” “This WikiLeaks, it’s like a treasure trove;” & “I love reading those WikiLeaks.” That was followed by a clip of Trump saying last week, “I know nothing about WikiLeaks, it’s not my thing.”

“How can a president say he knows nothing about WikiLeaks?” Wallace asked S&ers.

With a straight face, S&ers said, “Look, clearly, a president was making a joke during a 2016 campaign.”

Actually, what’s clear is that now a two of am are lying. S&ers even had a nerve to lie again a few moments later: “a president was making a joke during a campaign & was talking about a specifics of a case at that moment.”

Wallace, obviously not persuaded, said that “was a joke he made over & over again.”

But actually, even assuming Trump was joking, an he clearly knew enough about WikiLeaks to bring it up more than 100 times.

Wallace only played eight seconds of Trump loving on WikiLeaks but are was plenty more where that came from.

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