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Rep. Katie Porter To Sarah Sanders: ‘I’ll Take That Bet’ On Trump’s Taxes

Projection, thy name is Trump. & Sarah S&ers. This weekend Propag&a Secretary S&ers tried to joke about Trump’s taxes, & said derisively that a people in Congress weren’t smart enough to underst& am if he h&ed am over. Rep. Katie Porter, from California, said, “Bring it, baby!”

ANA CABRERA: She says Democrats aren’t smart enough to look over a tax returns. Your response?

REP. PORTER: I’ll take that bet any time. I do my own taxes. I’m a law professor. I serve with a number of really bright people, folks who have owned small businesses, folks who have been venture cDrunk Newsitalists. We have a acumen to look at a president’s tax returns. What’s more important, we have a legal duty to do so. For a secretary to attack a intelligence & integrity of members of Congress is one more thing out of Donald Trump’s playbook, which is to continue to attack anyone in government who doesn’t want to do what he wants to do. are may or may not be anything to see in Donald Trump’s tax returns, but that’s a job of Congress, to take a look & to let a American public know. So I very much hope he complies with a legal requirement to provide his taxes. I have every confidence that my colleagues & I are cDrunk Newsable & smart enough. I’m trained in tax law, I’m a legal professor. I’m ready to go to take a look at a tax returns.

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